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Day Trade Options using Short Term Weekly Contracts

Trading Questions

Have specific questions about your trading? Just reach out in chat or a webinar and we will guide you through the process.

Live Trade Alerts

See every trade alert on your desktop or mobile device. Alerts are all based on backtested breakouts.

Learn to Backtest

Learn how to determine the strength of a trade, scaling in and out, position sizing, and account management.

Use Backtested Levels to Simplify Trading

Day Trade Options Pre-Market Plan

Pre-Market Plan

Learn to build and trade your own Pre-Market Plan. We discuss how to filter through the morning news which ideas to focus on at the opening bell. We show you how to recognize the technical opportunities presented by each stock in regards to their range, resistance, support and volume and how to trade them once the market opens. 

  • Gap-ups and Gap-downs
  • Breakouts and Breakdowns
  • Range Breaks
  • Flag Breaks
  • Upgrades and Downgrades
  • Press Releases

Focus on High Probability Trading

Backtested Technical Analysis

Master how technical price levels can be used to reduce risk and increase reward by providing the best method for determining the strength of a trade, entering the trade, adding into your position, progressively scaling out and exiting trades.  Learn how to use technical levels intraday and on different time frames to find trades that have the highest probability and best risk to reward setups on both the long and short side with mid and large cap stocks. 

What Makes Us Different

We Trade Live With You

We are not just an alert and education service. We trade using our own real money, so we take many of the same calls and alerts that we give to our traders.

Learn to Backtest Strategies

Our goal is to make every trader an independent trader who can find their own opportunities and trade them based on predefined technical levels that we teach.

Day Trade Options

We focus on short term, weekly Options contracts with a limited watchlist. This allows us to maximize profits intraday while reducing overnight risk.

No Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are highly manipulated. We prefer to trade mid and large cap stocks where we have the highest probability of stock movement.

Account Management to Reduce Risk

Each trader has a different account size and different threshold for risk. During the live trading day we give alerts and show you how to:

  • Where to set your Stop Loss
  • When and where to move your Stop Loss
  • Progressively lock in Gains
  • When to Enter and Exit
  • How much to Risk based on your Account Size
  • Use profits to Reduce Risk

Remove Emotions from Trading

Overcome Fear When Trading

Anyone can learn the technical side of trading. When we day trade options, it’s the mental aspect that people have the largest challenge with. Controlling your fear, greed and knowing when not to trade are the most significant factors to become an Elite Trader

Before entering any trade, we give you guidance on maximum risk, potential exit targets and buy signals. By using this method you are able to become as close to a non-emotional trading robot as possible.

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